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Signs that you have Rats
You may not be aware of the problem if it is slight. However, you may become aware of the following signs;
  • The presence of rat burrows in the ground
  • Rat droppings which are black and cylindrical and up to 2cm long.
  • Signs of damage caused by gnawing (e.g. at the bottom of doors).
  • Smooth run down areas in the garden (rat runs) caused by rats running along the same path day after day.
  • Rat sightings.
  • In situations where rats have become established indoors then there may also be a very characteristic, musty odour.
Problems Rats cause.
Rats have the potential to spread a wide variety of diseases around the home and garden. This is because they tend to live in environments such as drains, sewers, and rubbish where germs can be found. These can then be spread wherever rats go via their fur, feet, urine or droppings. The main diseases of concern are Weil’s disease, and food poisoning diseases such as salmonella. Rats can also damage property by gnawing at wood, lead and soft metals, electrical wiring, water pipes, and drainage systems.
Rat control.
Once an infestation has been identified then it is usually brought under control with the use of either poisons or traps. Traps are useful if there are only one or two rats. Poisons are much more effective at totally controlling infestations.

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