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Once a well-used run has been located, a small trowel should be used carefully to open up a hole just large enough to accommodate the trap. Loose soil should be removed and the trap set squarely so that the trigger coincides with the bore of the tunnel, with the lower part of the trap carefully let in to the base of run. The run must then be closed up again with pieces of turf, grass side down, or stones, pieces of slate or tile which should be carefully placed around the trap and then the hole lightly back-filled e.g. with soil from a nearby Mole hill, to exclude all light.
A number of Aluminium Phosphide generating products are available for gassing Moles in their burrows. They can be used in a number of situations where poisoning is not permitted. The dosage and application rates prescribed on the product labels must be adhered to.
The use of engine exhaust gasses is illegal.
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