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Signs that you have Mice
The first signs of rodent activity often start with scratching noises usually in the loft space. Dropping may be seen where mice are active e.g. Kitchen work surfaces, cupboards etc. These droppings are black in colour and resemble a grain of rice. Other signs might include footprints in dust, gnawing marks and obviously sightings.
Problems Mice cause.
When house mice live in or around structures, they almost always cause some degree of economic damage. In homes and commercial buildings, they may feed on various stored food items or pet foods. In addition, they usually contaminate foodstuffs with their urine, droppings, and hair. A single mouse eats only about 8 pounds of food per year but destroys considerably more food than it consumes because of its habit of nibbling on many foods and discarding partially eaten items. House mice cause damage to buildings by their gnawing and nest-building activities. House mice often make homes in large electrical appliances, and here they may chew up wiring as well as insulation, resulting in short circuits which create fire hazards or expensive damage. Mice may also damage stored items in attics, basements, garages, or museums. Damaged family heirlooms, paintings, books, documents, and other such items may be impossible to replace. Among the diseases mice or their parasites may transmit to humans are salmonellosis (food poisoning), rickett-sialpox, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis. Mice may also carry leptospirosis, ratbite fever, tapeworms, and organisms that can cause ringworm (a fungal skin disease) in humans.
Mice control.
Mice can be difficult to control because of the rate at which they breed. It is best to remove food scraps, rubbish and keep buildings tidy. Mice can squeeze through very small openings therefore all holes should be filled in, thresholds fitted to doors if necessary and airbricks and ventilators covered with wire gauze. To eradicate mice there are two basic choices - either trapping or poisoning.

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